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FREE* Personal Accident and Covid-19
As part of our promotion, foreign workers are entitled to complimentary Personal Accident and Covid-19 Cover when you purchase the Workmen insurance through
us. *
* Subject to :
Only valid with purchase of both FWHS & FWIG
Eligible for workers age 18 – 45 years old
Not applicable to maid
For limited period only
Foreign Workers Insurance Guarantee (FWIG)
An insurance guarantee required by the Malaysian Immigration Department from employers as a security deposit.
Covers repatriation expenses in the event where your foreign worker is required by the authorities to be sent back to his country origin during his stay in Malaysia.
Amount of Guarantee is according to the worker’s nationality.
Gross Premium (before SST & Stamp Duty) is calculated as 1% of Amount of Guarantee, Min RM 50.00 per Guarantee issued.
Not Applicable to Maid.
Foreign Workers Hospitalisation Scheme (FWHS)
Coverage for hospitalisation and medical expenses due to accident or sickness of the foreign workers.
Subject to an annual limit of RM 20,000.00 per worker.
Premium is RM 120.00 (inclusive of Third Party Claims Administrator (TPCA) fee (before SST & Stamp Duty).
Maid Insurance
This is an insurance coverage for the indispensable helper at your home. It is a Personal Accident cover with extension of repatriation costs and hospitalization at a small limit.
A brief comparison of offerings by our partner insurers:
Liberty Etiqa
Gross Premium (before 6% SST and Stamp Duty) RM 58.00 RM 60.00
Main Cover
RM 15,000 RM 15,000
Permanent Disablement
Up to RM 15,000 Up to RM 15,000
Repatriation to country of origin
Up to RM 4,000 Up to RM 4,000
Reimbursement of medical bills (subject to excess of RM 50.00)
Up to RM 500 Up to RM 500
Weekly Benefits
RM 100 per week up to 10 weeks RM 105 per week up to 10 weeks
Hospitalisation & Surgical Expenses
Up to RM 2,000 Up to RM 2,000
Personal Liability
Up to RM 1,000 Not applicable
Subject to Terms and Conditions of the Policy.
Underwritten By :
Liberty Insurance Berhad
Etiqa General Insurance Berhad